DPP-260 Plate Type Capsule Blister Packaging Machine

The plate-type capsule blister packaging machine has a reasonable design and novel structure. Equipped with an automatic feeding system, packing testing, plate cooling integral, waste recycling and other devices can automatically complete the package material feed, blister molding, drug filling, packing testing, heat sealing, batch number, disc centrifuge indentation, blanking, scrap plate rejection, finished product output, and another process. The production process of the tablet blister packing machine is intuitive, easy operation and maintenance, and complete functions.

First the molding material will be moved to the heating box for heating. This step requires to adjust the temperature according to the type of packaging material until the molding material softened, during which the upper and lower plates are heated together to make the heating evenly.

Due to the different types of capsule blister packaging machine, its type of cavity molding process will also be different, using the template or compressed air to form an ideal type of cavity.

You will need to seal the cavity with a product using a sealing material. Remember that the entire surface should be tightly sealed, as the next step is the thermal sealing system. You should also raise the temperature to ensure that the product is tightly sealed.

First, you will use the print device to print the lot number, the expiration date, or whatever your product should display. Then, after printing, you will need to wrap the cutting equipment so that they are cut into separate units.

The spline shaft of the forming mechanism, the sealing mechanism, the typewriting mechanism and the arbitration mechanism are all divided into three sections, single driveway, so as to improve the bearing capacity of the spline shaft, greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of the plate sealing, plate type blister packing machine in operation process more smoothly and reduce the noise. Make the maintenance more convenient at the same time, reduce the working intensity and improve working efficiency.

This pill blister pack machine adopts plate-type, positive pressure blow forming the blister, roller sealing with the servo control system, ensure the sealing and cutting can be transmitted exactly. Also, the pill pharmaceutical packaging machine makes it easy to operate, adjust, maintain and change the mold.

Six sets of independent servo motors were used on the pill packing machine, make the BQS Blister Packing Machine run smoothly. Also, it will make it easy to change and adjust the mold.

Vision system and rejection system can be chosen. With this, the disqualification product will be rejected. The function of laser registration and servo control insure the plate is transmitted and cut more accurately.

This plate-type BQS blister packing machine uses forming material to contact heating, press forming (thickened ALU-ALU), plank poses sealing advanced function, according to GMP standard. This BQS blister machine is suitable for medicine (tablet, capsule, couples, cylindroid vials, pill, suppository), food, industry, cosmetic and medicine device etc.

It’s easy to change mould of the bqs blister packing machine, ALU-PVC material, press forming. The BQS blister machine boasts of a rational design that prevents product deformation and breakage even during prolonged machine stoppages. The BQS blister packing machine can make batch number and perforation, clear and beautiful. Enough filling platform is suitable for packing regular and irregular tablets, capsules, food etc. Production is straight and bubble cap plump.

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